Because planting trees is the best way.

10 million hectares of forest are cut down every year.(

Deforestation is provoking changes that have caused floods, droughts, hurricanes, and a myriad of other problems all around the world.

All of us can help combat climate change by supporting the planting of trees.

We must plant more trees than are cut down today, meaning we have to plant, on average, at least 10 million hectares/year to stabilize the deforestation/reforestation average.

Smart automation is the only solution to meet the necessity of  reforestation on a global scale.

Forest.Bot the Brazilian machine that plants forests.

1º Prototype

In 2016, looking to cheapen and streamline the planting of native and exotic seedlings, we began a series of studies, construction of several prototypes, and ideas to create a machine that would be capable of planting nursery seedlings.

Right after the introduction of the 1ª machine, we became a first-page headline in the Financial Times, the biggest economic/business news newspaper in the world.

2º Prototype

In 2020, we concluded the construction of the 2º prototype of the forest planting machine.

As soon as we finished the 2ª machine, we became a story in Globo Rural, a program with the biggest audience in Brazilian TV.

3º Prototype

In June 29th 2021, we concluded the 3º prototype of the forest planting machine, capable of planting multiple species.

Throughout these years, we have been the topic of news stories all over the world, which shows global interest in tree planting technology.

Forest.Bot Prototype

Since 2021 we began creating several models and ideas to get to our current Forest.Bot V9R3 (Patent Pending).

The creators of Forest.Bot are programmers with 38 years of experience in the areas of software SAAS, management, Artificial Intelligence, database, mobility and automation.  

After the establishment of Mahogany Roraima we realized it was necessary the creation of a mechanical solution for the planting of nursery seedlings so, we initiated the tree-planting machine project.

Marcello Guimarães - Author and holder of the Forest.Bot patent
Eduardo Guimarães - Author and holder of the Forest.Bot patent

We developed a modern system of planting quality verification, on top of creating a map with the GPS position of Every planted seedling.

Our system verifies details in the planting of each seedling, informing if the seedling is tilted or not, if its stalk is too deep in the soil, if its substrate is exposed, among other important data for the development of a tree.

Nicholas Guimarães - responsible for Forest.Bot’s A.I. system.

6 years have passed since the first drawing until the construction of the machine that will be released in 2023 in partnership with Incomagri.

Forest.Bot V9R3 - Patent Pending
2016 drawing.

Forest.Bot and our reforestation project, iPlantForest were chosen by Smart Forest (Cambridge University), as one of the best projects and machine in all initiatives for smart forests in the world.

The project Smart Forest Atlas received funds from the “European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (Grant Agreement No. 866006).”

Forest.Bot is currently the fastest and most efficient forest-planting machine produced in Brazil.

  • Plants on average 1.800 seedlings/hour.
  • Georeferences every seedling.
  • Maps plantation’s KML.
  • Utilizes A.I to verify the planting quality.
  • Auto pilot.
  • Irrigates.
  • Telemetry to all components of the machine.
  • Uses 15 L/hour.
  • Plants on average 25 hectares/day with 2 operators.

In 2022 we established Autonomous Agro Machines in partnership with Incomagri – who has 40 years of experience in the agricultural machines market.

Automated and smart machines for agriculture in general for the big and small producers.

Focus on the construction of machines for:

Planting of nursery seedlings (forests e other cultures);

Irrigation using smart A.I. technology;

Smart fertilization;

Pest control using A.I.;

– Forest or plantation inventory;

-Forest or plantation health analysis.

To solve the reforestation problem on a global scale, we want to take our machines to every corner of the world and plant native or exotic seedlings in afforestation, silviculture, reforestation, and recovery of degraded areas projects. Constantly investing in the improvement of the Forest.Bot

2023 year of pre-release of the Forest.Bot

Forest.Bot V9R3 - Patent Pending

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