Preserve the environment and guarantee development: this is the objective of all the actions that guarantee the environmental sustainability defended by Mahogany Roraima. It consists of maintaining the functions and components of the ecosystem, in a sustainable way, seeking the acquisition of measures that are realistic for the sectors of human activities. The idea is to achieve development in all fields, without it being necessary to attack the environment.

And how to do that? Through the intelligent use of natural resources, ensuring that they have longevity, that is, they hold for the future. In this line, Environmental Sustainability is the ability to maintain the natural environment viable to the maintenance of living conditions for people and other species. This also guarantees the quality of life for man, taking into account the habitability, the beauty of the environment and its function as a source of renewable energies.

The adoption of measures that support the environment guarantees, in the medium and long term, a planet in good condition for the development of diverse forms of life, including human life, guaranteeing the maintenance of natural resources (forests, forests, rivers, lakes, oceans ) needed for the quality of life of the next generations.

Other important examples of Sustainable Actions: exploitation of plant resources of forests and forests, ensuring replanting; preservation of green areas not intended for economic exploitation; use of clean and renewable energy sources (wind, geothermal and hydropower); recycling of solid waste and exploitation of the gas released from landfills as an energy source; and controlled water consumption, in order to avoid waste, besides the assumption of measures aimed at non-pollution of water resources; among others.

Environmental sustainability is a characteristic that assumes every person or institution that cares about the continuity of life on the planet, and for this reason Mahogany Roraima invests in sustainable practices in all cycles of development of our project.

One of the examples of sustainability actions that falls on the field of renewable energies is the search for an ecologically acceptable substitute for petroleum, which, in addition to being highly polluting, tends to run even faster due to the increase in consumption over of the 20th and 21st centuries. In Brazil, more and more research has been carried out in the search for an alternative through the so-called biofuel. Another good alternative to environmental sustainability is organic agriculture, a term used to designate the production of food and other plant products that does not make use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms that harm nature and are harmful to health. Organic farming gains a sustainable character as it pursues three main objectives: conservation of the environment, formation of profitable agricultural units and creation of prosperous agricultural communities.

The Importance of Preservation and Reforestation