Our new planting project consists of planting 50% of selected native trees in the planting region and multiplied in the nursery through three main methods, seedling for seedling production, cuttings cloning and in vitro micro propagation cloning. According to the species used and our ability to develop one of the three planting methods, we will be producing seedlings for reforestation.

In each planting we will use a greater variety of native species to reach a consortium that most closely resembles a native forest.

The other 50% of the planted forest will be of high commercial value trees for felling and sale. Therefore, at the end of the cut we will leave a native forest in place of the commercial forest.

Depending on the region, and especially in Roraima plowing, the species we will use most for cutting will be African Mahogany, due to its ability to grow and produce wood in the savannah, a biome similar to Roraima plowing.

Mahogany Roraima nurseries with seedlings of native species of the Amazon, for reforestation in the region.

We are currently starting a reforestation project for CO2 sequestration, from which we will not cut any trees.

We are prepared to recover areas of APP and RL (Legal Reserve) using native species and without damaging the environment where we will be working.

In our nursery we are developing numerous native species and in our first agroforestry we are planting our first seed bank of native species in the region.