In 2018 we created a project to generate work and income, which we call Solidary Forest.

What is the Solidarity Forest?

The Solidary Forest consists of the installation in the forest plants of vegetable and fruit production units. A Mahogany Roraima allows you to choose the planted forest, the installation, the irrigation system, produce and deliver vegetable and fruit seedlings in the main months, provide fertilizer and limestone, and assist in the distribution of food in regional markets.

The objective of the project is to enable jobs, expenses in needy communities during the forest and the units also distribute food to social organizations that they distribute free to those in need.

Currently they are helping migrated Indians from Venezuela to Brazil, helping to set up various communities for migrant indigenous communities.

In addition to helping those in need, the project helps the forest to produce due to an organic matter deposited in the planting of fruits and vegetables, as well as helping to protect against forest fires. During summer in Roraima, fires are frequent but must be preceded by a series of forests in the forest in order to obtain a more efficient tracking system.