Forest Bot

We named the new category of forest management machines “Forest BOTs” (Forest Robots), as it is a new set of autonomous robotic machines that operate without human interference in forest management.

The “Forest BOTs” will act in the following forest management tasks:

forest planting,
watering of the planted trees,
fertilization of planted trees,
chemical brush,
Forest Inventory,
analysis of forest health, tree by tree, among others.

Forest Bot

The machines will have a Self-Driving system, that is, the machine moves by itself without human assistance, robotized operation of its task, GPS guidance, artificial intelligence and 3D image analysis of the objects, registration of all actions in the database of the machine, with geoprocessing and data transfer to the cloud (as soon as connected to an internet network), control of all actions by software, automatic self-test system, automatic quality check of the task performed, among other industry 4.0 systems .

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Forestry projects tend to be more expensive to manage because they are a single species, which usually leaves the whole crop more prone to disease and pests. Planting monoculture requires a greater investment in pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Forests are more balanced environments, where one species may eventually help another by serving as a kind of “repellent” for some pests, among other advantages, which would require hours of explanation to better illustrate our argument.

The logic behind a forest, which is not difficult to assimilate, is that when you put several individuals of different species in one place, there is a balance that usually makes the management of planting as a whole cheaper. Less prone to pests, diseases, communication between the various species that form a living web, just as in the movie Avatar, make the forest an investment, which in theory should be cheaper to manage.

It turns out that it is not easy to plant a forest. Among the main challenges, we can mention the production of seedlings of different species in scale, and also the difficulty of distributing the species in order to create a favorable environment for each one. In a real forest, species tend to occupy the best place for themselves, and the reason is relatively simple, thousands of seeds from a given tree are released and only the seed that “fell” in the most suitable place for that type of tree, is that it will avenge, grow, and multiply in the future.

In order to reach our goal, which is to plant trees in the cheapest way, both in planting, in the management and maintenance of the forest for the years before cutting, we decided to create a machine that would allow to plant each seedling in a specific place, to plant a lot. fast, and with few operators.

As we said earlier, in a forest, each tree must occupy a specific place in order for it to grow and develop, and by planting manually, it is much more difficult to place each tree in its place in the forest.

Looking for a solution to this dilemma, we started designing what would become a forest automatic planting machine in 2016.

Studies for the 2016 Real Carbon Capture Machine.

From 2016 to 2019, we made several designs and tests, we built prototypes, and in 2019 we finally came to build the first 100% functional prototype.

First designs for the Real Carbon Capture Machine.

It was a process of many studies, many tests, many unsuccessful attempts, until we finally found the way and began to move in the right direction.

Several ideas were tested. We saw many different solutions, some automatic, some manual, but none met our need, planting fast, safely, quality and following a specific pattern for each seedling, ensuring that each tree would be in the right place in relation to the others.

Our company believed and for a long time insisted that it would be possible to build such a machine. Too many discussions, too many paths without solution.

Today we are working to improve our functional prototype, looking for the solution that allows us to plant with tractor moving at 12 km / h.

Our goal is to plant 100 ha in 4 hours with 5 tractors, ie only 5 operators.

Planting 100 ha every 4 hours would be equivalent to planting 600 ha / day, 13,200 ha / month, or 158,400 ha / year. Using a 6m x 2m spacing, we will be planting 833 trees per hectare, ie with only 5 operators we could plant 131,947,200 million trees per year.

This would be the fastest and cheapest planting ever done. Planting 131 million trees a year with just 5 operators is unheard of in the world. Of course we could use many more tractors and many more operators, the cost of the machine is not high, on the contrary, it is much cheaper to use this planting machine, than to hire dozens of planters to do the same task.

machine-iplantforest-2021-mahogany-roraima (52)
3-machine-iplantforest-2021-mahogany-roraima (24).jpeg

Functional prototype of the machine.

Our company is also providing forest planting service, and we will use our machines to plant forest for third parties.

We are studying the possibility of selling our Real Carbon Capture Machines and expanding our company to other regions, planting forest in other states of Brazil or even in other countries using our state of the art technology.

Before creating and starting to use the automatic Real Carbon Capture Machine, we had created a planting method, which allowed us to plant 200 ha / day with 40 operators using the carts in the image below.

Our manual planting method was already very fast, with the automatic planting machine, we will use less people, less effort, more quality, more safety, lower cost, and certainty that we can plant forests, not just forestry (monoculture), because The seedlings will be organized in the machine the way we want and where we want them to be effectively planted in the field. In a forest, each tree has a specific place to plant, which is where it will grow bigger and better. With the machine we can ensure that each seedling is planted alongside the species we want.

The automatic Real Carbon Capture Machine will ensure that we can carry out sustainable reforestation and commercial forest projects, regardless of the species we use.

Method created by Mahogany Roraima. Previous method of planting.