Fafá Pereira wins two international titles

Fafá Pereira of the Zenith North Academy participated in two jiu-jitsu competitions in Las Vegas, United States and was in the highest place of the podium twice. The first was the North American Grappling Association (Naga) on the 19th and the IBJJF World Championship on the 22nd. With the achievements, the athlete became the first female black belt in the state to win both titles.

The disputes of the World Cup end on Sunday, 26. Fafá recently arrived in Boa Vista and shared joy of winning the title.

“I made a very tiring trip over 24 hours. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by my family and friends at the airport. Everyone is proud and happy with my achievements, because everyone has followed my battles and helped in my training, ”he said.

“As I always say: nobody is nothing alone, alone nobody is nothing. Everyone has their share of contribution and these achievements are not only mine, but those of my family, staff, training colleagues, teachers, sponsors and all roraimens. The victory belongs to Roraima, ”he added.
For Fafá, the feeling is of accomplishment and does not hide the happiness by winning another title.

“The feeling is of accomplishment, that all sacrifice and work were successful. Knowing that you are on the right track and taking our state’s name to the top of the podium is the best feeling. The World Cup is the ultimate title of the BJJ, as if it were an Olympic medal. I have been six times world champion for another confederation, but nothing is compared to being world champion by the IBJJF, ”he said.

So far, there are six world titles by the Brazilian Confederation of Sports Jiu-jitsu. This, however, was the first for the Internation Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federetion-IBJJF / Brazilian Confederation of Jiu-jitsu-CBJJ.

“This title has always been a dream. One of the few missing from my curriculum, and thank God and my teachers, friends, and sponsors, especially Mahogany Roraima, I was able to realize that dream. I hope that this will encourage more girls and women to seek their space in sport, ”said the athlete.

CAREER TITLES – Four-time world champion by CBBJJE; Five-time Brazilian Champion by the IBJJF; Three-time Pan American Champion; South American Champion; Four-time International Champion Master; Amazonese Multi-Champion; Multi-champion Roraimense; Open Champion Open IBJJF.
2018 – Summer Games Champion, Roraimense Category and Absolute Champion; Champion Amazonense category and Absolute; Champion Roraima open; Brazilian Champion Category and Absolute; Champion Cup Boa Vista Category and Absolute.

SUPPORT – Mahogany Roraima, Academy Overrun, Dr Maicon Jhone Dental Surgeon, Athos FW, Denner Sampaio Personal Traner.