African mahogany

In 10 years, the expectation is that Roraima will bill up to $ 300 million with the production of African mahogany. The forecast is for entrepreneur Marcelo Guimarães, director of Mahogany Roraima, a company that started planting the tree in 218 hectares, and should cover the area of one thousand hectares in less than a month. The goal is to reach six thousand hectares.

US $ 300 million
Marcelo Guimarães explains that the international market pays on average 600 dollars per meter of African mahogany wood, much appreciated in the market of the European Union and China. In one thousand hectares it can plant up to 278 thousand trees, being able to reach a patrimony of US $ 300 million, with the cutting of the wood.

30 thousand hectares

Brazilian, Chinese and Dubai-based agribusiness market investors who are already familiar with the project are analyzing the use of resources for a larger project of planting up to 30,000 hectares in the state, which in agricultural terms is considered the average area of production .

446 thousand seedlings
The African mahogany nursery in Mahogany Roraima has a capacity for 1,500 hectares of seedlings, which accommodates 446 thousand seedlings.

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